David was first cast as Best Man in “Two weeks in September” with Brigit Bardot. From there he landed the role as “Wioslea” in “A New Hope” the first Star Wars film ever made, staying in the Star Wars he also played an X wing Pilot in the Empire Strikes Back and then a B wing Pilot in “RETURN OF THE JEDI” He has also appeared in the Joan Collins film “THE STUD” and the “Wind in The Willows” directed by Terry Jones (Monty Python).

Billy J Mansell is a Wirral based actor who’s roots started as a cosplayer and after a chance meeting prompted him to follow his true dream of becoming an actor. Just a few short months of perusing his dream he found himself on set of Alien/Covenant playing an iconic Engineer! A dream come true for an Alien fan. Since covenant Billy has had multiple roles in big films like Jurassic World 2, fantastic beasts 2 (crimes of grindlewold) Detective Pikachu and king of Thieves Mission impossible fallout, plus had roles in some major TV programmes like Eastenders, League of Gentlemen and most recently Outlander S5 plus so far this year has an involvement in many more film productions watch this space!

Brian Muir Click here for Brian’s Bio I'm a supporting artist and was in Captain America first avenger and Fantastic Beasts and where to find them.