Traders tables are £40 (6'x2') Please use PayPal button and Choose quantity required
No of tables required for Wirral Comic Con
Trader Information

No backing tables permitted, but plastic shelving / racking is acceptable.

All traders can arrive from 8am for set up and trader departure no earlier than 4pm finish time, without the given consent from the organisers.

Any trader found selling counterfeit products will be asked to vacate the event and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Traders allocated spaces are designated by the organisers and are not to be re-allocated without the organisers permission.

Trader badges are to be worn at all times during the event and will be given on arrival. Before booking, traders are required to state what products or services they intend to bring to the event, in order to avoid too much product duplication.

Traders need to arrive on time. Arriving after 10am, loading bay entrance will be closed!

Wherever possible, the organisers will endeavour to confirm before the event date by email.

Once a booking has been made, no refunds will be given under any circumstances. Traders can unload at the rear of the venue then are required to park in the nearest car park afterwards.

All traders will have their exhibitor/trader space displayed in the main trader exhibition hall with their personal or business name.

Please ask for assistance if you cannot find your allocated space on arrival, and one of the events team will be happy to help!

We advise that traders should possess Public Liability Insurance.

The organisers and the venue will not be held responsible for traders who have not got Public Liability Insurance, in the event of an incident which involves the public on the day.

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